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    Sexual Health Best sex positions for men and women who suffer from back pain – Firstpost

    After spending a minimum of 8 hours sitting at work every day, its no surprise that many of us experience back pain occasionally. But what happens when this back pain coincides with the nights when you and your partner want to have sex? Would sexual activity make your back pain worse...
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    Sexual Health 9 Sex Positions for Couples with Serious Height Differences – AskMen

    Sex Positions for Partners With Height Differences While it may be true that opposites attract, love making has its added challenges when you’re doing it with someone at a different height than you are. Figuring out what feels best for you and your partner comes with the territory of any …...
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    Sexual Health If You’re a Virgin, Use These Sex Positions for Your First Time – AskMen

    The first time you have sex can be overwhelming. It’s a big deal, emotionally and physically, and so it may be a good idea to avoid (at least to begin with) getting yourself into something too complicated or fancy. A big part of the equation is … Read more via AskMen
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    Sexual Health 3 sex positions for easier orgasms in missionary – Pulse Nigeria –

    There’s plenty of eye contact, everyone knows which part needs to go where, and if you’re on the bottom, It’s all great, but if you find it hard to reach orgasm here are some positions to try. Below are some missionary orgasmic positions to try... Read more via Pulse Nigeria – Nigeria...
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    Sexual Health 3 blindfolded sex positions that’ll sharpen every sense –

    Using blindfolds is just an excuse to just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Blindfolds can help you be super present and reduce your hindrances while also making everything seem a little sharper. The first time being blindfolded is scary. If you’re … Read more via – Nigeria’s...
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    Sexual Health 5 crazy sex positions that you are missing out on –

    Since you’ve understood missionary and you’ve done the doggy style like a billion times already, you should try this new challenge. Instead of resorting to your go-to moves tonight, whip out one of these crazy sex positions for an orgasm you’ve never, ever, … Read more via –...
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    Sexual Health Naughty Secrets: 3 erotic sex positions to spice up the most boring bedroom – Pulse Nigeria

    Prepare for more pleasure than you've ever experienced before with these erotic sex positions. The trick to having a good erotic sex is two ways: control the depth of penetration, and keep him the hell away from your cervix. Here are some ways to comfortably enjoy all of your man’s endowment...
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    5 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions For Multiple Orgasms –

    Can you have multiple orgasms? Well…maybe! About 47 percent of women report having experienced multiple orgasms, according to a study by OMGYES, the Indiana University School of Public Health, and the Kinsey Institute. Here’s how to get on the good side of that stat. 1.Flying V Oral is a great...
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    3 Best Sex Positions That Help To Conceive Twins

    In terms of natural conception, twins occur in about one out of every 89 births. In other words, it’s not everyone who wishes to have a set of twins that can get them! While those who have twins in their families are more likely to conceive twins, experts say many of us may just maintain...