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    Metro We Have Not Passed Sharia Law – Lagos Assembly - Channels TV
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    Metro 4 things you should know about Sharia law in Nigeria - Pulse Nigeria
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    Politics Why I can’t introduce Sharia in Nigeria if elected president — Yarima - Daily Trust Newspaper
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    Politics Constitution should be amended to accommodate peculiarities of Shari’a – CJN- Daily Trust

    The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, yesterday advocated for the amendment of Nigeria’s constitution to accommodate some of the concerns of Muslims and the Shari’a law. Read more:
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    Politics Obasanjo - Yerima Introduced Sharia Law And Almost Derailed My Govt

    Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, in a book titled “Making Africa Work,” co-authored by the former president with Greg Mills, Director of Brenthurst Foundation; Jeffrey Herbst, President of NEWSEUM and Dickie Davis, a retired major general, talks about how Sharia law almost derailed his...
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    World UK Muslims Erupt, Demand Sharia Law for Britain [VIDEO]

    Some muslims have staged a protest, demanding that Sharia law be implemented in the UK.
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    Politics South East Reps Reject Inclusion of Sharia Bill in Nigeria's Constitution

    The South- East Caucus of Nigeria's House of Reps has rejected introduction of Sharia in the Constitution, The Sun says. Sokoto Rep, Abdullahi Salame, had introduced the bill earlier this year. The bill seeks to expand the jurisdiction of Sharia courts of appeal. Chairman of the caucus and...
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    World ISIS Bans Referees in Syria, Introduces Sharia Laws To Football

    Islamic Terrorist organization ISIS has banned the use of referees while playing football in Syria because the referees obey FIFA rules and not ISIS rules. According to ISIS commanders, football referees will not be allowed at local football matches because their rulings 'do not judge...