sickle cell in nigeria

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    Metro Sickle Cell is a curse and investing in a child with it is a waste – Information Nigeria

    In commemoration of the World Sickle Cell day, a professor of Genetics, Professor Cyril Otoikhian, was invited to speak on the ailment and how it can be managed since there is no cure. When asked how parents with children that have.... Read more via INFORMATION NIGERIA –...
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    Metro Amazing Story Of 94-yr-Old Nigerian Sickle Cell Survivor And How She Survived - Information Nigeria

    Ninety-four years and still alive and kicking, Alhaja Ashiata Abike Onikoyi nee Laguda’s story is one that defies logic. Born with the dreaded though relatively unknown Sickle Cell anaemia at the time, no-one expected her to survive childhood. But Laguda, who could well qualify as the oldest...