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    Metro US Scientist Becomes Immune To Snake Venom After Allowing Deadly Snakes Bite Him - Mirror UK

    Tim Friede has inflicted himself with more than 200 bites from snakes that could kill within minutes in bid to help develop life-saving vaccines. A scientist claims he's 'immune to venom' after allowing himself to be bitten by the world's deadliest snakes hundreds of times. He claims he is...
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    How To Differentiate Between A Poisonous And A Non Poisonous Snake

    Truth is a larger percentage of snakes are not poisonous. With a careful observation of some features, you can actually differentiate between poisonous and non-poisionous snakes. Click here to read how you can protect your home from snakes this raining season
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    How To Keep Your Home From Snakes This Raining Season

    The rainy season is the period where snakes and other harmful reptiles move around. This poses a danger to our health and safety. Behold are 5 ways you can keep yourself safe from snakes this rainy season. 1. Clear the bushes around your house and environment 2. Always keep your windows and...