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    Metro NBS: List of States Recorded With Improved IGR in 2015

    The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has identified the eleven states with an improved records of internal revenue in 2015. Details of the performances of respective states showed that: Ogun State’s IGR records were adjudged best, with a 49.42 per cent increase, almost doubling the N17.5bn...
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    Politics Top 5 Most Indebited States in Nigeria

    The DMO was established on 4th October, 2000 to centrally coordinate the management of Nigeria’s debt, which was hitherto being done by a myriad of establishments in an uncoordinated fashion. This diffused debt management strategy led to inefficiencies. According to recent figures released by...
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    Metro Nigerian Governors Set To Cut Salaries of Public Office Holders

    Nigerian governors have agreed that the salaries of political office holders be slashed as they aim to cut cost as a result of economic hardship on states. The governors who agreed to this measure at the Governors’ Forum are also worried that more states may not be able to pay workers’ salaries...
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    Politics State Allocation: Details Of Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Osun in 3 months of Buhari's administration

    With 3 months of Buhari's administration, Akwa Ibom took the larger share of the revenue with a total of N46,241,827,910.07bn. In June, the state got N18,175,010,722.06; and N13,367,661,397.29bn, July N14,699,155,790.72bn and August 2015. Lagos state under the administration of Akinwunmi...