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    Politics Ekiti Anti-Grazing: Cows Confiscated Will Be Used For Stomach Infrastructure - Fayose

    Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has said that any cow confiscated under the State Grazing Regulation Law will be killed and shared to the people as part of the “Stomach Infrastructure” policy of his administration. Governor Fayose said this during the launching of the Ekiti grazing...
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    Metro Fayose Distributes Rice, Money to Ekiti Residents [SEE PHOTOS]

    Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose on Monday distributed money and bags of rice to the residents of Afao Ekiti after a meeting with the community head and other high ranking chiefs. See photos:
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    12 New Popular Vocubulary In Nigerian Politics Since Buhari Became President

    Nigeria's political space is not without drama. The recent happenings have made the scene look like a theatre with different stunts from political actors. Amid this worrying situation, new terms, languages have been coined out, that many Nigerians now see as deceitful, usual and interestingly...
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    Metro Ekiti Residents Line Up To Collect "Stomach Infrastructure" Easter Rice – See Photos

    See photos of Ekiti state residents lined up as they collected their "Stomach Infrastructure" Easter Rice from the state deputy governor, Olusola Eleka, yesterday March 26th.