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    Business Why South African Company, Sun Int'l Left Nigeria

    Sun International was the latest South African business to exit Nigeria because of weak economic growth and clashes with regulators and shareholders, Reuters reported. Among factors that made Sun international opting out of Nigeria's business space include; - the dispute among members of the...
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    Metro Lagos: Drama As Herbalist Declines To Be Used To Determine Efficacy Of His Charm

    A mild drama at the headquarters of the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, when a suspected armed robber, Fuwad Azeez, arrested by the police, who was said to have prepared protective charms for members of the gang against bullets and knives refused to be used...
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    Business EFCC Releases Employees of Sun International Without Charge

    Four employees of Sun International, including 3 South Africans, who formerly were detained by the EFCC, have been released. It’s unclear why they were detained or what they were accused of although Sun International says the detentions could be linked to a labour dispute with a company in...