syria chemical weapons attack

  1. Kayode Falayi

    World At destroyed Syria lab, workers deny producing toxic weapons - News

    Plastic gloves and face masks lay scattered in the rubble of a Syrian research lab destroyed by Western strikes on Saturday, where an official denied the centre was developing chemical weapons. US, British and French strikes slammed into a series of targets around Damascus that the Western...
  2. Kayode Falayi

    World Why we attacked Syria – Britain - PM News

    British had no alternative but to take military action to degrade Syria’s chemical weapons capability, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Saturday after ordering air-launched cruise missile strikes along with the U. S. and France. Click here to read more
  3. Kayode Falayi

    World Four RAF fighters bomb Syria 'chemical weapon stockpile' - BBC News

    The UK has joined the USA and France in carrying out air strikes to suspected Syrian chemical weapons facilities. The strikes targeted military bases near the capital Damascus and the city of Homs, in response to last week's alleged chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma. Click here to...