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  1. Nigeria World News

    World Apple fined $27 million in France for throttling old iPhones without telling users – Gadgets – TechCrunch

    France’s competition watchdog DGCCRF announced earlier today that Apple will pay a $27.4 million (€25 million) fine due to an iOS update that capped performance of aging devices. The company will also have to display a statement on its website for a month... Read more via Gadgets –...
  2. Nigeria Business News

    Business Nigeria’s Paga acquires Apposit, confirms Mexico and Ethiopia expansion – TechCrunch

    Nigerian digital payments startup Paga has acquired Apposit, a software development company based in Ethiopia, for an undisclosed amount. That’s just part of Paga’s news. The Lagos based startup will also launch its payment products in Mexico this year and in Ethiopia imminently, CEO Tayo...
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business Africa focused Andela cuts 400 staff as it confirms $50M in revenue – TechCrunch – TechCrunch

    Africa focused tech talent accelerator Andela will cut 400 junior engineers across Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria, CEO Jeremy Johnson told TechCrunch. The layoffs come as the startup released first time earnings figures indicating it will surpass $50 million in annual revenues for 2019. Yes, the...
  4. Nigeria World News

    World Google will shut down Google Hire in 2020 – TechCrunch

    Add another one to the Google Cemetery. Google has disclosed that it will shut down Google Hire, the job application tracking system it launched just two years ago. Google built.... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News
  5. Nigeria World News

    World Twitter is blocked in China, but its state news agency is buying promoted tweets to portray Hong Kong protestors as violent – TechCrunch

    Twitter is being criticized for running promoted tweets by China’s largest state news agency that paint pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong as violent, even though the rallies, including one that drew an estimated.... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News
  6. Nigeria World News

    World Bill Gates on making “one of the greatest mistakes of all time” – TechCrunch

    Bill Gates on making “one of the greatest mistakes of all time” At a recent event hosted for founders by the venture firm Village Global, one of its most prominent investors, Bill Gates, sat down with.... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News
  7. Nigeria Business News

    Business raises $7M round backed by Yamaha and pilots EVs in Nigeria – TechCrunch

    Nigerian motorcycle transit startup has raised a $7 million funding round led by Novastar Ventures, with participation of Japanese manufacturer Yamaha. Based in Lagos, the company’s app-based platform coordinates motorcycle taxi and delivery services for individuals and businesses...
  8. Nigeria Business News

    Business Google’s Cloud outage is resolved, but it reveals the holes in cloud computing’s atmosphere – TechCrunch

    Five hours after Google publicly announced that it was working to resolve an outage in its Cloud computing network that had taken out a large chunk of Google services as well as Shopify, Snap, Discord and other popular apps, the problem seems to be resolved. The outage hit everything … Read...
  9. Nigeria Business News

    Business Nigeria’s Gokada raises $5.3M round for its motorcycle ride-hail biz – TechCrunch

    In many large cities across Africa, motorcycle taxies are as common as yellow-cabs in New York. That includes Lagos, Nigeria, where ride-hail startup Gokada has raised a $5.3 million... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Digital Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history after 3 or 18 months – TechCrunch

    It’s no secret that unless you opt out, Google keeps a very detailed record of your location history and a log of the web sites you visit in Chrome and apps you use. There have always been ways … Read more via TechCrunch
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    Digital A hotspot finder app exposed 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords – TechCrunch

    A popular hotspot finder app for Android exposed the Wi-Fi network passwords for more than two million networks. The app, downloaded by thousands of users, allowed anyone to search for Wi-Fi networks in their nearby area. The app allows the … Read more via TechCrunch
  12. Nigeria World News

    World Uber’s self-driving car unit raises $1B from Toyota, Denso and Vision Fund ahead of spin-out – TechCrunch

    Uber’s has confirmed it will spin out its self-driving car business after the unit closed $1 billion in funding from Toyota, auto-parts maker Denso and SoftBank’s Vision Fund..... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News
  13. Nigeria World News

    World Apple TV+ makes Facebook Watch look like a joke – Mobile – TechCrunch

    Apple flexed its wallet today in a way Facebook has been scared to do. Tech giants make money by the billions, not the millions, which should give them an easy way to break into premium video distribution... Read more via Mobile – TechCrunch – Get more World News
  14. Nigeria Business News

    Business Huawei has built an Android alternative in case US tensions increase – TechCrunch

    Tensions between the U.S. and Huawei show no sign of easing. Last week, the electronics giant announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the government over an “unconstitutional” ban on its products.... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  15. stato

    World Ericsson and T-Mobile ink $3.5 billion deal for 5G – TechCrunch

    New 5G networks are coming and big companies are spending big bucks to roll them out. Ericsson is going to be providing T-Mobile with its latest 5G new radio hardware and 3GPP for a cool $3.5 billion... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News
  16. stato

    World Jack Ma says he isn’t about to retire from Alibaba but is planning a gradual succession – TechCrunch

    Reports of Jack Ma’s impending retirement are greatly exaggerated, it seems. Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, has pushed back on claims that he is on the cusp of leaving the $420 billion Chinese e-commerce firm. The New York Times first reported that the entrepreneur plans...
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    World China announces transportation industry reform, days after murder of Didi carpooling passenger – TechCrunch

    The Chinese government announced it will reform the transportation industry to safeguard passengers, three days after a female passenger was allegedly raped and murdered by a Didi Chuxing driver last Friday. Provinces and autonomous regions are now tasked with setting up passenger safety...
  18. stato

    World Hyundai leads $14.3M investment in Indian car rental startup Revv – TechCrunch News

    Korean automaker Hyundai is jumping into India’s on-demand mobility space after it led a $14.3 ... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News
  19. curator

    Business Xiaomi posts $2.1B profit in its first quarter as a public company – TechCrunch

    Chinese smartphone firm Xiaomi has posted a $2.1 billion profit for its first quarter of business as a public company on account of growing smartphone and hardware sales. The firm listed in Hong Kong... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more: Nigeria Business News
  20. stato

    World Chinese Tesla rival Nio files to raise $1.8 billion in US IPO – TechCrunch News

    Tesla may be looking to go private, but Chinese rival Nio is going the other way after it filed to … Read more via TechCrunch – Get more World News