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    Metro Omicron Covid variant : Everything you need to know about the new Covid variant - The Telegraph
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    Metro Nigerian table tennis players wrongfully arrested in Croatia and forced across border into Bosnia – The Telegraph

    Two Nigerian table tennis players who traveled to Croatia for a sports competition were arrested by police, bundled into a van and forced over the border into Bosnia, it has emerged.... Read more via “nigeria” – Google News – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    World Number of cases of syphilis in Europe hits all-time high – Telegraph News

    Increasingly risky sexual health behaviour has been linked to the number of cases of syphilis in Europe hitting an all-time high, with the UK seeing one of the steepest rises.... Read more via Telegraph News – Get more World News
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    Cockroaches are becoming ‘immune’ to insecticide, study claims – The Telegraph

    One of the most common types of cockroaches in the UK are quickly growing immune to the best insecticides, according to a new study by Purdue University. Researchers found the German species of roaches blattella germanica can develop an immunity to toxic substances after exposure to them...
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    General Health Asthma-causing bugs found in e-cigarettes for the first time – The Telegraph

    E-cigarettes are contaminated with lung-damaging bacterial toxins of the type found in waste-incineration plants, scientists have discovered. An investigation by Harvard University found that more than one in four of the increasingly popular products harboured bugs known to cause asthma...
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    General Health Cause of cancer is written into DNA of tumours, scientists find, creating a ‘black box’ for origin of disease – The Telegraph

    Around 360,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Britain each year, and 163,000 people will die from their disease. It is thought that around 38 per cent of cases of preventable, but the new study help give a better estimation of exactly how deadly environmental factors can be. The … Read...
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    General Health Child genius Anne-Marie Imafidon on where Mark Zuckerberg went wrong – The Telegraph

    Oxford maths prodigy Anne-Marie Imafidon is on her way to inspiring two million girls to take up careers in tech. She explains how boys can ruin science, where Mark Zuckerberg went wrong and why parents’ digital ignorance is dangerous Anne-Marie Imafidon – sometime maths prodigy, vegan Nando’s...
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    Sports Exclusive: Thibaut Courtois attempts to force Chelsea exit by going AWOL ahead of new season – The Telegraph

    Thibaut Courtois has attempted to force his Chelsea exit by going AWOL on the eve of the new season. And that leaves Chelsea in a race to land a new goalkeeper, with Stoke City’s Jack Butland and Sevilla’s Sergio Rico on their shortlist, before Thursday’s transfer deadline. Chelsea … read...
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    Sports World Cup 2018 golden boot standings – Will anyone beat Harry Kane to top goal scorer this year? – world cup 2018 – Telegraph

    The Golden Boot for the 2018 World Cup will, as tradition dictates, be awarded to the top scorer in the tournament. But who will it be – Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku? The two face off in today’s third-place play-off. An unquestionable sign of … read more via world cup 2018 – Google News –...
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    Sports England fans cause outrage singing about Hitler in World Cup city once invaded by Nazi - ...

    English football supporters have caused outrage by singing an anti-Semitic song and throwing Nazi salutes in a local pub before England’s World Cup match in Volgograd, where more than a million Soviet soldiers died to stop the German blitzkrieg. In a video that was circulating on social media …...
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    World North Korea’s nuclear reactor puts 100 million people in ‘mortal danger’ - Telegraph news

    Shortcuts on safety standards, poor maintenance and disdain for operational protocols at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear power plant are putting 100 million people across north-east Asia in “mortal danger”, according to a new report. Authored by Oleg Shcheka, a professor of physics and...
  12. Iroka Chinedu

    World Varadkar praises journalists’ reporting of alleged data breach at INM - Telegraph news

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has commended journalists at Independent News & Media for “not allowing their independence to be compromised” amid controversy over an alleged data breach. “Having independent news and media is a cornerstone of our democracy. It is, after all, the Fourth Estate,” said Mr...
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    World Man Forgets Wife at Filling Station, Drives For 2 Hours Before Remembering

    A forgetful tourist accidentally left his wife at a petrol station and drove away with their teenage son for an estimated 60 miles before he realised his wife was missing, according to reports in Brazil. The man, only identified as Walter, was driving back to Argentina following a holiday in...