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    Metro Elon Musk denies reported affair with wife of Google co-founder

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    Business Elon Musk set to overtake Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to become world's third-richest person as Tesla shares soar

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    World Tesla losses $80bn in one day, combined value of GM, Ford – Vanguard News

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    Metro Why Elon Musk called for Amazon’s dissolution

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    World Tesla on Autopilot crashes into parked police car – Fast Company

    It seems as if Telsa’s troubles as of late keep mounting. It seems as if Telsa’s troubles as of late keep mounting. Now there has been another Autopilot crash–this time a Tesla Model S slammed into a parked police cruiser in Laguna Beach, California, reports USA Today. Read more via Fast...
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    World Elon Musk’s car company in record loss – BBC News

    Tesla’s Model 3 went on sale in the US last year priced at $35,000 Electric car maker Tesla has notched up its biggest ever quarterly loss and said it "learned many lessons" from its crucial Model 3 production plans. Read more via BBC News – http://ift.tt/2FS3JJl Get more World News