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    World India’s COVID-19 positivity rate past 1% again after two months – The Hindu
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    World Coronavirus: Plasma therapy not beneficial in reducing mortality, shows ICMR study – The Hindu
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    General Health Inhaling polluted air can lead to brain damage – The Hindu
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    World A single person spreads coronavirus to 23 others in a bus ride – The Hindu
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    World UK scientists to immunise hundreds with coronavirus vaccine – The Hindu
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    World Positive news on Oxford COVID-19 vaccine could come today: report – The Hindu
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    World Exhaled breath of COVID-19 patients can contain novel coronavirus, study finds – The Hindu
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    Metro Coronavirus | Phase-2 trial with three drugs offers hope – The Hindu
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    World Coronavirus spares no major organ in the body – The Hindu – Health
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    World No proof yet that BCG benefits against coronavirus, says expert - The Hindu
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    World Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine opens for clinical trial on humans – The Hindu
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    World Study shows good results with plasma treatment for COVID-19 – The Hindu
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    Metro COVID-19 has higher death rate than influenza: WHO chief – The Hindu Get more World News
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    General Health Size of women’s birth canal depends on the place where one lives: study – The Hindu – Health

    The size and shape of women’s birth canals vary depending on what part of the world they live in but most medical textbooks are based on a European body type, scientists said on Wednesday, warning of health risks. Differences in the depth and width of the pelvic … Read more via The Hindu –...