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    5 Ways to Bring in Extra Money When It’s Needed – The Trent

    While many companies out there are raising their minimum wage, that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be strapped for cash again. As a matter of fact, the rule seems to be that the more you make, the more you spend… Luckily, in today’s world, it’s easier than ever … Read more via The Trent...
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    General Health How To Get Rid of Visceral Fat In A Healthy Way – The Trent

    There are loads of foods that fight belly fat and transform your body. For overweight people, to lose visceral fat is an achievement that should be celebrated. It’s dangerous to fat deposits around your midsection and vital organs. Usually, these fatty deposits are from the unhealthy diets we...
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    General Health 8 Simple Ways To Burn Stomach Fat FAST – The Trent

    Our goal is to show you the best and practical way to burn stomach fat, so you can finally flaunt a well toned stomach. We have Mike Jackson – Nutritional Consultant and Physique Transformation Specialist to help you get toned and sexy abs. Read on and burn the unwanted calories with these...
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    General Health 5 Ways To Improve Your Memory And Brain Power – The Trent

    Some skills you don’t need past graduation: geometry, cursive, the ability to dissect a frog. But memorization is not one of them. Far beyond your final spelling bee, your memory either saves you from—or delivers you to—public humiliation. Just think about the last time you forgot the name of …...