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  1. Nigeria World News

    World Some African countries at risk for the new coronavirus aren’t prepared – The Verge

    A handful of countries in Africa are at a high risk of importing the new coronavirus because of the volume of air traffic between those countries and China, a new model shows. But some aren’t well-prepared to deal with infections if they arrive.... Read more via “nigeria” – Google News –...
  2. Nigeria World News

    World Trump says Tim Cook made ‘good case’ that trade war helps Samsung over Apple – The Verge

    President Donald Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook “made a very compelling argument” that tariffs on China will hamper Apple’s ability to compete with Samsung. The pair had dinner on Friday night at the president’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and Trump … Read more via The Verge –...
  3. Nigeria World News

    World Google says it’s done making tablets and cancels two unreleased products – The Verge

    Google will not be launching a sequel to last year’s Pixel Slate tablet, according to Business Insider and Computer World, and will instead focus its Chrome OS hardware efforts on traditional laptop devices like the Pixelbook. “For Google’s first-party hardware efforts, we’ll be focusing on...
  4. Nigeria World News

    World A laptop filled with six of the world’s most dangerous viruses is on sale for more than $1 million – The Verge

    Some of the world’s greatest artworks are known for their elaborate backstory or complex history, but not many are actively dangerous to those who own them. ‘The Persistence of Chaos’ might be an exception. Created by internet artist Guo O Dong, this piece of art is an ordinary … Read more...
  5. Nigeria World News

    World Huawei responds to Android ban – The Verge

    Fresh off the sledgehammer blow of having its Android license revoked by Google in response to US government demands, Huawei has issued its first, limited response, which leaves more questions open than it answers. In a statement emailed to The Verge, Huawei underscores its contributions to...
  6. Nigeria World News

    World Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool – The Verge

    Google has been quietly keeping track of nearly every single online purchase you’ve ever made, thanks to purchase receipts sent to your personal Gmail account, according to a new report today from CNBC. Even stranger: this information is made available to you via a private web tool that’s …...
  7. Nigeria World News

    World Tim Cook says tech needs to be regulated or it could cause ‘great damage to society’ – The Verge

    Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested today that for the average person to have their data privacy protected, technology needs to be regulated by the government. “We all have to be intellectually honest, and we have to admit that what we’re doing isn’t working,” Cook said at the Time … Read more via...
  8. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook blocks could open the door to online censorship – The Verge

    On Easter Sunday, in the wake of devastating attacks that killed over 300 people, Sri Lanka shut down a large portion of its internet. President’s secretary Udaya Seneviratne said officials had decided to “temporarily block” sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Viber...
  9. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment New Aladdin trailer from the 2019 Grammys introduces Will Smith’s Genie – The Verge

    A trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Aladdin aired during the 2019 Grammys finally gave everyone what they wanted — Will Smith’s Genie. The first teaser for the film, which debuted in October 2018, left the Genie out. New images of Smith in costume as the popular and...
  10. Nigeria Business News

    Business First Apple, now Samsung is warning of a sales slump – The Verge

    Samsung Electronics recorded its highest ever profits last quarter, but three months on things aren’t looking so great. The company issued guidance today warning that revenue and profits for the three months ending... Read more via The Verge – Get more: Nigeria Business...
  11. stato

    World How WhatsApp is undermining Facebook’s war on election interference – The Verge News

    About a month ago, the New York Times revealed the existence of a conference room … Read more via The Verge News – Get more World News
  12. E

    Entertainment This Pulp Fiction-Brett Kavanaugh mashup is a perfect end to a horrible week – The Verge News

    I don’t know about you, but for me, this week was bad. It was really bad! Truly, there’s nothing quite … via The Verge News – Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
  13. stato

    World Samsung Electronics chairman indicted on charges of union sabotage – The Verge

    Lee Sang-hoon, the chairman of Samsung Electronic’s board of directors, has been indicted for allegedly sabotaging unions in what prosecutors claim is a violation of South Korea’s labor laws, reports the Financial Times. Lee, who became chairman in March of this year, will face trial along...
  14. stato

    World Japanese bitcoin exchange is robbed of $60 million worth of cryptocurrency – The Verge

    Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif has been robbed of $60 million worth of digital coins, its parent company Tech Bureau announced today, according to Reuters. Zaif was hacked on September 14th during a two-hour time frame. Three days later, it uncovered server problems and began to...
  15. E

    Entertainment The 2018 Emmys broke diversity records — quietly, with no one watching – The Verge

    Last night, the biggest winner of the Emmys, sweeping up five awards, was The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The director, cast, and show all won Emmys, edging out the cast and creators of diverse shows like Insecure... via The Verge – Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
  16. stato

    World Instagram adds emoji shortcuts for quicker comments – The Verge

    Instagram has added personalized emoji shortcuts to its app, placing your most used emoji above your keyboard when you begin to comment on a post. The new feature was widely rolled out on Thursday, but it has been in public testing since May on both Android and iOS. … Read more via The...
  17. curator

    Business 5G is almost here — here’s how everyone’s getting ready – The Verge

    5G is coming, and it’s going to have a massive impact on almost every facet of how we use technology, with faster speeds and lower latency theoretically opening up huge new frontiers in everything from smartphones to self-driving cars.... Read more via The Verge –" Get...
  18. stato

    World It took a genocide for Facebook to ban a country’s military leadership – The Verge News

    The United Nations issued a report today alleging that the military in Myanmar had “genocidal intent” when … Read more via The Verge – Get more World News
  19. M

    Metro Alleged Facebook scammer arrested in Ecuador after three years on the run – The Verge

    Sometime in April 2003, Paul Ceglia and Mark Zuckerberg did business together and signed a contract. According to Zuckerberg (and eventually, federal prosecutors), it was a simple work-for-hire programming job..... Read more via The Verge – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  20. stato

    World FBI warns of potential ATM bank heist that could steal millions globally – The Verge

    The FBI has warned banks that ATMs will likely face a global attack by criminals in the “coming days.” The FBI was tipped off that these cybercriminals would hack payment card processors or banks and use ATMs all over the world to withdraw millions of dollars over the … Read more via The...

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