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    Politics Tinubu: What I Discussed With Blair - Daily Trust
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    Politics PHOTOS: Tinubu Holds Meeting With Ex-British PM Blair Days To Inauguration - Daily Trust
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    Metro 35 years after Dele Giwa: 277 journalists killed in 4 years – New Telegraph
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    World Former UK Prime Minister blasts Donald Trump’s leadership – Mail Online
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    Metro Rights Group Issues Tony Blair 7 Days Ultimatum To Leave Nigeria

    A rights group, Coalition For Human Rights Advocacy And Social Action (COHRASA), has given a former Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Tony Blair, seven-days, to leave Nigeria. Accusing the former British PM of planning to “steal” and “loot” from Nigeria, the group in a statement signed by its...
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    World Tony Blair Apologises for Aspects Of The Iraq War

    Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has finally apologised for the Iraq War. Tony Blair said he accepts that the conflict has been a factor in the rise of Islamic State. Blair made the startling confession during a TV interview in which he acknowledged the 'hell' that had resulted from...