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    Video Top 7 Highest Paying Oil Companies In Nigeria

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    Business FG Sues Total, Agip for $635m Over Undeclared Crude Oil During Jonathan's Era

    Federal Government of Nigeria is demanding $635million from two multinational oil companies, Agip and Total for undeclared crude oil shipped out of the country during former President Goodluck Jonathan's tenure. Two cases have been filed at the Federal High court in Lagos by senior lawyer and...
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    Metro Nigeria Ain't Broke, It Just Needs To Fix Its Tax System [TheGuardian]

    In face of the economic hardship and global crisis, various reports indicated that Nigeria has lost billions of dollars because of the 10-year tax break given to Shell, Total and Eni, three of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies. That staggering $3.3bn (£2.3bn) revenue loss, in a country...