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    Metro TSTV Finally Begins The Sale Of Decoders - Nairaland

    The DTH company "TSTV" has finally rolled out it's highly anticipated sassy decoder to the general public READ MORE HERE
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    Metro 4 Months After, Where Is TSTV - The Nation

    Telecom Satellite Nigeria Limited launched a pay-per-view TV —TSTV — on October 1. TSTV was launched with the hype of affordability and flexibility of payment, and also amidst euphoria by Nigerians, who saw the pay TV as an alternative to the industry leader, DSTV. However, since the celebratory...
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    Metro Is This The End of TStv? Shocking Development Raises Important Questions

    Satellite TV company, TStv is going through a very rough patch which could see the end of the firm touted to break the monopoly of Multichoice, owners of DStv, in Nigeria. After a ceremonial launch on October 1st, TStv is yet to fully roll out it's services in Nigeria despite promising to do so...
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    Business Where Is TSTV Nigeria 17 Days After Launch? - Biola Kazeem

    Renowned sport analyst Biola Kazeem has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts on the inability of TSTV to commence operation 17 days after launching. He also flayed Nigerians on their gullibility and willingness to accept promises without questioning See his tweets below If you want to...
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    Metro Nigeria: Why Our Decoders Are Yet to be On Sale- TStv CEO Echefu

    The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of TStv, Mr. Bright Echefu, has explained the delay in the roll out of its decoders. Since its launch on the 1st of October, TStv decoders are yet to be on sale nationwide. According to Vanguard, Echefu said the firm is still putting things into...
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    Metro TSTV: 6 Important Terms And Conditions You May Not Be Aware Of

    The new pay TV service TSTV launched yesterday and the excitement and there is palpable excitement in the air. Meanwhile,there are lots of speculations going on how TSTV services would be delivered and particularly many people out there don’t really understand the nature of services that TSTV...
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    Business TStv Set to Provide Employment For 5000+ Nigerians

    The new satellite tv sensation in Nigeria, TStv, is set to employ more than 5000 people following its launch on October 1st, the independence day of Nigeria, Vanguard claims. According to TStv Managing Director/CEO, Echefu Bright Ikechukwu has said that October 1 remains sacrosanct. “Our...
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    Business List of TStv Dealers in Nigeria

    Things are in high-gear for the launch of the much anticipated indigenous satellite television, TStv. The new television service is to launch on the 1st of October 2017, and offers a host of benefits. Learn more about TStv offerings Here's a list of TStv dealers in Lagos: (To check out TStv...