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    Sexual Health 5 Surprising Facts About Vaginas From The ‘Gynae Geek’ – Refinery29

    “Smoking is most often associated with lung-related diseases, but nicotine and it’s metabolites have been found in the vaginal discharge of smokers, as well as that of women exposed to passive smoking," Dr Mitra explains. "Smoking is known to have anti-oestrogenic effects, which can cause women...
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    Sexual Health Here’s what it means if your vagina is itchy after your period –

    We already stress about our cramps killing us and we worry that our periods are never going to stop. Normally, when your period gets lighter, you start to chill out. However, sometimes you might experience some things at the end of your … Read more via –
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    Sexual Health Here are things you shouldn’t do when cleaning your vagina –

    Not only does the vagina make sex and masturbating feel hot, they allow us to go to the bathroom, but they can birth children, and they can clean themselves. Really, washing your vagina is about balance. Doing it too much, or with the wrong products, can cause irritation and possibly lead to...
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    Metro 27 ways the vagina could be attacked and how to prevent them - Punch Newspapers

    For close to three years now, I have compiled questions couples and numerous readers ask about what makes vagina less effective; why the vagina is mostly attacked and what can make the vagina stop working. One of such questions is, ‘My vagina smells, what is the reason?’ Women should know that...
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    Metro Your Vagina Should Smell, If Your Man Does Not Like It, Dump Him - Popular Doctor Advises Women

    Dr Jen Gunter, a prominent Canadian gynecologist, has hit out at men who complain about the natural smell of their partner's genitals which she describes as a 'form of abuse'. Writing in her latest blog newsletter, the Canadian gynecologist revealed she once dumped a boyfriend for complaining...
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    Why You Should Never Ignore a Bleeding Vagina

    A bleeding vagina is often a signal of a biological process taking place within the female body; it could be a normal biological process or an abnormally. When your vagina bleeds, your body is simply trying to pass you a message. Normal vaginal bleeding, also known as menorrhea, is the...