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    General Health Scary Diagnosis:’ Two Stories of Vaping Illness – WebMD Health

    Sept. 20, 2019 — Lincoln Rennie says he is known as a dedicated employee, not the type who would call in sick to play hooky. So in late August, when he woke up feeling ill, the 23-year-old welder from Orange, CA, went to work anyway. But once he … Read more via WebMD Health...
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    General Health What You Need to Know About Vaping-Related Lung Illness – NYT – Health

    Hundreds of people across the country have been sickened by a severe lung illness linked to vaping, and a handful have died, according to public health officials. Many were otherwise healthy young people, in their teens or early 20s. Investigators from numerous states are working with the...
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    World Death Toll Rises as Vaping Cases Skyrocket – WebMD Health

    Sept. 6, 2019 -- Five people have died from vaping-related lung disease as the number of total cases in the U.S. tops 450. The latest victims are one from Indiana, a 65-year-old Minnesota resident who had lung disease and vaped THC products, and an older.... Read more via WebMD Health –...
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    General Health Vaping May Hamper the Lungs’ Ability to Fend off Infections – Wired

    A lot of otherwise healthy-seeming high schoolers and young adults are getting very sick. Since June, 28 cases of a mystery respiratory illness have been reported in Utah. Wisconsin has found 32 so far. Nationwide, more than 200 cases of patients with severe respiratory problems have been...
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    General Health Vaping May Hurt the Lining of Your Blood Vessels – WebMD Health

    In yet another sign that electronic cigarettes are far from harmless, a new lab study suggests that vaping damages the cells that line the inside walls of blood vessels and could hasten heart trouble. Lab-grown endothelial cells were more likely to die … Read more via WebMD Health...