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    How To Avoid An Accident When Your Steering Wheel Fails While Driving

    It is possible of any part of a vehicle to malfunction anytime, be it brakes, tyres, steering wheel etc. When such happens and it is not properly managed, accidents are bound to occur. The steering wheel plays a very important role in driving. Therefore, if you discover that your steering is no...
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    How To Get Your Vehicle Insurance From The VIO

    These are the required steps you need to take to get your vehicle insurance Go to to sign up for a free account and then to to login with your username and password Update your profile and fill all the required fields properly...
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    10 Important Safety Tips When Driving In The Rain

    The Federal Road Safety Corps has reminded all motorists and other road users to be cautious on the roads as the rainy season has set in. This is to ensure sanity on the highways during the season even as the Corps also harps on the need for strict compliance with traffic rules and regulations...
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    How To Know The Expiry Date Of Your Vehicle Tyres To Prevent Accidents

    Every tyre has an expiry date after which it is supposed to be replaced , lest it risks a blow-out! The life span of a tyre from the date of manufacture is four years. Now, how do you know the date a tyre was manufactured? It is written on the tyre as four digits! The first two digits...
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    6 Important Vehicle Documents Police, FRSC & VIO Will Always Ask You

    It is very important to have these vehicle documents before you hit the roads to avoid being harassed. Failure to produce these documents could also lead to your car being impounded. See the list below 1) A valid Driver’s License 2) Vehicle license 3) Insurance Certificate 4)...
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    Metro Nigeria's Minister, Onu Vows To Use Only Made in Nigeria Vehicle

    In an apparent move to live to his promise and the change agenda of the present administration, the new Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu says he will use only made in Nigerian vehicles as long as he serve under the present administration of Change. This was gathered by...
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    Metro Diplomats' Vehicle in Auto Crash In Abuja, Four Injured

    Four diplomatic corps officers from the Ethiopian Embassy were on Monday involved in an accident on Independence Avenue in the Central Business District in Abuja, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports. The accident which occurred at about 2p.m. left the occupants of the diplomatic hilux...
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    Metro 9 Vehicles Clashed In Multiple Accidents On Abuja Road

    Nine vehicles along the Military Cementary on the Airport Road, Abuja were involved in a multiple road accidents which was caused by a tipper driver whose vehicle apparently experienced break failure, NAN reports. “I think the tipper failed break and the driver could not control it again,’’...