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    Sexual Health What Causes Low Sex Drive In Women And How Can You Increase It? – Women’s Health

    Not in the mood to get busy tonight? Don’t panic just yet. Libido in women is complicated. There are a whole host of factors that influence sex drive and affect why you might not want to have sex (tonight, this week, or even for the last several months)... Read more via “sexual health” –...
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    General Health 6 Signs of Vulva Cancer You Need to Know – And How to Prevent It – Women’s Health

    Vulva cancer is one of the rarer female cancers, but this little-talked about condition still has over 1,000 cases diagnosed in the UK each year. With one in seven women unable to name a single gynaecological cancer, it’s no surprise that few know the symptoms of vulva cancer or … Read more...
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    General Health 14 Super-Subtle Thyroid Disease Symptoms You Might Be Overlooking – Women’s Health

    Your thyroid is kind of like that popular girl from your middle school: It controls basically everything around it, and when it gets pissed off, all hell breaks loose. The thyroid is a small gland at the base of your neck that affects essentially every one of … Read more via Women’s Health...
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    General Health 7 Weird Signs You Might Have a Heart Problem – Women’s Health

    ‘I was having a heart attack and didn’t even know it.’ We hear this line over and over again and if you’ve never experienced a cardiac event, you might think, really? But it’s true—the signs of a heart attack, or any heart problem, are often sneaky... … Read more via Women’s Health...
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    General Health 7 Blood Clot Symptoms You Should Never, Ever Ignore – Women’s Health

    You know the spiel: If you’re on the Pill, you’re at a higher risk for blood clots. If you fly for more than four hours, you’re at a higher risk for blood clots. If you smoke at all, you’re at a higher risk for blood clots. But, what are … Read more via Women’s Health https://ift.tt/31Zgi05
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    General Health 8 Bowel Cancer Symptoms in Women That You Need to Be Aware Of – Women’s Health

    Be honest for a second: How often do you look at the toilet paper (or in the toilet bowl) after you go to the bathroom? If your answer is ‘never,’ it might be time to start. That’s because bowel cancer rates—cancers of the colon and rectum—are on the rise … Read more via Women’s Health...
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    Family Health If You Never Argue, You Might Be In A Loveless Marriage – Women’s Health

    The honeymoon phase rarely lasts forever. Ideally, once the urge to hold your spouse’s hand and make out with them in front of unenthused onlookers starts to fade, your relationship will slow down and relax into a comfortable, lasting rhythm that works for the two of you. Or, it … Read more...
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    General Health Why Officials Are Issuing A Serious Warning About Driving While Wearing A Lanyard – Women’s Health

    Lanyards are a pretty convenient way to carry around your stuff when you don’t have pockets (hi, car keys and work ID). But while they're handy on the go, health officials Read more via Women’s Health http://bit.ly/2WD091W
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    Sexual Health Tight Vagina – Why Your Vagina Might Feel Tight Or Irritated During Sex And Penetration – Women’s Health

    It’s a logical conclusion: If it hurts when a partner tries to put their penis or a toy inside of you, or if they can’t get all the way inside, then it must be a problem of tightness, right? Ehhh, not exactly..... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News http://bit.ly/2JHDoUp