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    World Google Turns 20: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Internet Giant – HuffPost UK

    Google, arguably one of the most influential companies on the planet, is 20 years old. Like many of the American tech giants, it was started in 1998 in a garage by two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin and has evolved into a company that defines how we … Read more via HuffPost UK –...
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    World Instagram adds emoji shortcuts for quicker comments – The Verge

    Instagram has added personalized emoji shortcuts to its app, placing your most used emoji above your keyboard when you begin to comment on a post. The new feature was widely rolled out on Thursday, but it has been in public testing since May on both Android and iOS. … Read more via The...
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    World Trump gives Apple impractical advice on escaping his trade war with China | Cult of Mac

    This week, Apple warned the Trump administration that tariffs going into effect against China will raise the cost of many of its products. President Donald Trump responded with a tweet suggesting that Apple build its products in the U.S. instead of China. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. …...
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    World North Korean 70th anniversary parade – in pictures – The Guardian

    North Korea staged a major military parade in the capital, Pyongyang, on Sunday, to mark 70 years since the nation’s founding Continue reading… Read more via The Guardian – Get more World News
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    World Israel Admits To Shooting Palestinian At Gaza Border – Channels Television

    The Israeli army said Sunday that it shot and fatally wounded a Palestinian man who sought to damage the fence on the flashpoint Israel-Gaza border. “Troops recognised a suspect who approached the security fence and.... Read more via Channels Television – Get more...
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    World U.S. President Trump facing a ‘coup’: Bannon – Reuters

    ROME (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump is facing a “coup”, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told Reuters, pointing to an anonymous column in the New York Times detailing resistance within the Trump administration... Read more via U.S. – Get more...
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    World Donald Trump told James Mattis to become Nato’s ‘rent collector,’ Bob Woodward book ‘Fear’ says – The Telegraph

    Donald Trump nearly started a conflict with North Korea in early 2018, when he proposed a tweet that "scared the daylights" out of his defence secretary James Mattis, a new book claims..... Read more via The Telegraph – Get more World News
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    World Trump built his empire on bullying and bluster. It can’t save him now – the Guardian

    Almost everything that has occurred during the Trump presidency – his refusal to release tax returns, his praise for authoritarian leaders, his nasty tweets – has been a departure from precedent. Last week, we had another departure: an unsigned op-ed in the New York Times, supposedly written...
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    World Dallas police identify officer who went to wrong apartment and killed a man – CNN

    The decision comes one day after Dallas Police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall said police were pursing a manslaughter warrant against the unidentified white officer in a case she described as having "more questions than answers." On Thursday, Hall said the officer shot the man after mistakenly...