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    World Attack on Ukrainian plane: What Iran told Canada on Saturday – Daily Post Nigeria

    Iran President Hassan Rouhani has spoken to Canadian Prime Minister, promising further investigation into the downing of a Ukrainian airliner. Canada had 57 of the passengers on board the Kiev-bound plane. All passengers, including crew numbering about 176 died in the crash.... Read more...
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    World Britain denounces Iran over envoy’s arrest – P.M. News

    Britain’s Foreign Office has denounced the arrest of the country’s ambassador in Tehran as a “flagrant violation of international law”. Earlier, the Tehran-based Tasnim news agency reported that British envoy Rob Macaire was arrested for several hours … Read more via P.M. News –...
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    World Queen Elizabeth summons family meeting over Harry, Meghan – P.M. News

    Queen Elizabeth has reportedly called an emergency meeting of the British royal family to discuss Meghan and Harry’s future roles, after their shock announcement of stepping down from royal duties. The Duke of Sussex, the Prince of … Read more via P.M. News – Read...