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    World Man allegedly kills boss for being Trump’s supporter - Vanguard Newspaper

    A Florida construction worker has been accused of killing his boss during an argument that may have been sparked by Donald Trump, authorities said. Mason Trever Toney, 28, was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office late Monday in the fatal stabbing of his friend and boss, William Steven...
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    World Being born with no smell: ‘I don’t know what food tastes like’ – BBC News

    We’ve probably all got a favourite smell – maybe one that’s tied up with a particular memory or person, or lets you know a good plate of food is on the way. Gabriella has never had the use of her smelling senses – … Read more via BBC News – Health – Get more World News
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    World Bloomberg: Apple will start making a smaller, cheaper iPhone in February – Engadget

    Apple might launch a new low-cost iPhone very, very soon. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant’s suppliers will start assembling an affordable iPhone model, the company’s first since the iPhone SE, as soon as February. Further, Apple will reportedly unveil the device in March. Reports...
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    World Africa’s First Drone and Data Academy Opens in Malawi to Improve Service Delivery For Children – TechMoran

    Malawi has opened the first African Drone and Data Academy(ADDA). The project is in partnership with UNICEF, The Global Fund, the German Government as well as partners from Scotland and Sweden. The program has been under testing in the country since 2017. The drone testing and application work...
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    World Report: India will force WhatsApp, Telegram to trace sensitive messages back to their originators – The Next Web

    In its upcoming intermediary rules — which will govern the policing of content on digital platforms with more than 5 million users — India is looking to enforce traceability on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, to help authorities sniff out people stirring up controversies online...
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    World Greta Thunberg’s brilliant response to Donald Trump apocalypse jibe – birminghammail

    Greta Thunberg has wasted little time to push back against US president Donald Trump’s description of climate campaigners as "the perennial prophets of doom" who predict the "apocalypse". Although Mr Trump did not mention her directly in his speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the...
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    World What Jeff Bezos’s Reported Phone Hack Says About Billionaires – The Atlantic

    Two of the world’s richest humans, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, were allegedly having a nice chat on WhatsApp in 2018 when the latter sent Bezos an infected file that exfiltrated data from the CEO’s phone. That’s according to a new report in.... Read...
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    World 2 injured in shooting at Las Vegas mall, police in manhunt for suspects – P.M. News

    The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has begun a manhunt for suspects who opened fire at a shopping mall on the Vegas Strip Tuesday evening. Two persons were injured. The incident happened at Fashion Show Mall—3200 S Las Vegas Blvd. The area was locked down by the police … Read more...
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    World ‘Planting trees is not going to save the planet’ – Greta scolds Davos elites –

    Greta Thunberg was among four young climate activists to criticise the elites gathered at the World Economic Forum for not doing enough to deal with the climate emergency and warned them time was running out.... Read more via – Get more World News
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    World Donald Trump, 73, Can’t Stop Attacking Greta Thunberg, 17 – Vanity Fair

    When we last checked in on Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with a child, he was ranting about the fact that Time magazine had named Swedish activist Greta Thunberg its person of the year. “So ridiculous,” he fumed last month on Twitter. “Greta must work on her Anger Management … Read more via...
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    World Coronavirus explained: What do we know so far? – New Atlas

    As the new year kicked off, a never-before-seen virus began to spread across China. Raised on a steady diet of viral apocalyptic fiction, many in the West quickly jumped on social media to declare the end of the world. So what do we know so far about this … Read more via New Atlas –...