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    World George Soros says President Trump is conspiring with Facebook to get reelected – Business Insider

    Billionaire George Soros — well-known for his sizable donations to liberal political causes — said Thursday that he believes that Facebook and President Donald Trump are conspiring ahead of this year’s presidential election. "Facebook will work together to re-elect Trump, and Trump will work...
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    World Coronavirus hits Britain! Four people hospitalized – Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    Four people are being treated for suspected coronavirus in Britain after flying in from China – the epicentre of the deadly outbreak. Three patients are being treated in Scotland as well as one more in Belfast, Northern Ireland, it has been reported.... Read more via Welcome To Ladun...
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    World Everything you didn’t know about Trump’s impeachment, and how the impeachment trial might play out – Linda Ikeji’s Blog

    US President Donald Trump, in December made history as the third US president to ever be impeached after the US House Of Representatives voted along party lines to impeach him for abuse of power and Obstruction of Justice.… Read more via Linda Ikeji’s Blog – Get more...
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    World Day 2: Democrats outline evidence that Trump abused his powers – P.M. News

    US Democrats told President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial Thursday that he openly and dangerously abused his powers to gain political advantage. House impeachment managers laid out the evidence for the first of two articles of impeachment against the … Read more via P.M. News –...
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    World Experts Can’t Agree If the Wuhan Virus Is a Global Crisis – Wired

    A new virus that originated in China has all the marking of a global crisis: It emerged suddenly and can kill people. It’s crossed borders easily, and requires immediate, coordinated efforts between countries to contain it. The details taken together seem enough for the World Health...
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    World Everything We Know About the Jeff Bezos Phone Hack – Wired

    On November 8, 2018, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received an unexpected text message over WhatsApp from Saudi Arabian leader Mohammed bin Salman. The two had exchanged numbers several months prior, in April, at a small dinner in Los Angeles, but weren’t in regular contact; Bezos had previously...
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    World China virus death toll mounts to 25, infections spread – Reuters

    BEIJING (Reuters) – A new coronavirus has killed 25 people in China and infected more than 800, the government said on Friday, as the World Health Organization declared it an emergency but stopped short of declaring the epidemic of international concern. China’s National Health Commission said...
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    World YouGov poll shows two-thirds of voters want the Senate to call new impeachment witnesses – Yahoo News

    Nearly two-thirds of registered voters (63 percent) agree with Democrats that the Senate should call new witnesses to testify during President Trump’s impeachment trial, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll..... Read more via Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines –
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    World Experts think the Wuhan coronavirus jumped from bats to snakes to people. Bats have been the source of at least 4 pandemics. – Business Insider

    The coronavirus spreading in China and the SARS outbreak of 2003 have two things in common: Both are from the coronavirus family, and both were passed from animals to humans in a wet market. Coronaviruses are zoonotic diseases, meaning they spread to people from animals... Read more via...