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    Israeli soldier joys shooting at Palestinians – PressTV Media RSS

    Mona Kandil Press TV, Ramallah Palestinians have reacted angrily to a recently-released video that shows joyful Israeli soldiers after shooting at Palestinian protesters in the occupied West Bank. Read more via PressTV Media RSS – Get more World News
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    Donald Trump praises North Korea’s Kim Jong-un as ‘very open’, ‘very honourable’ – TODAY.NG

    U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday described North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “very open” and “very honourable,” saying Pyongyang was keen on a meeting “very soon.” Read more via TODAY.NG – Get more World News
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    ‘I lost legs and part of my face after a dog scratch’ – BBC News – Health

    Dr Jaco Nel lost both his legs and all of the fingers on one hand after contracting sepsis. Read more via BBC News – Health – Get more World News