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    World Myanmar military leaders accused of genocide in country’s north – CNN

    (CNN) An independent United Nations investigation into alleged human rights abuses carried out against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has called for the country's military leaders to be investigated and prosecuted for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. .... Read more via CNN –...
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    World Myanmar court delays verdicts on jailed Reuters reporters –The Guardian

    A court in Myanmar is set to hand down verdicts on Monday in the case of two Reuters journalists accused of obtaining secret state documents. Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, are charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act, which carries a … Read more via More Top Stories – Google News...
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    World ‘Sesame Street’ Wins $100 Million Grant To Create Programming For Refugee Children – Huffington Post

    The nonprofit organization behind “Sesame Street” has been awarded a $100 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation, the largest of its kind, to create programming for children displaced by Syria’s civil war. Sesame Workshop, in partnership with International Rescue Committee, was selected...
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    World Trump REFUSED to approve a White House statement calling John McCain a HERO after his death – Mail Online

    President Donald Trump vetoed a tweet from the White House that paid tribute to late Senator John McCain’s achievements, according to the Washington Post. The newspaper reported Sunday that the leader didn’t want to send out a message that called the man who fought in the … Read more via...
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    World Australia’s Ban on Huawei Is Just More Bad News for China –

    As the US-China trade war rages on, two Chinese tech companies are facing a new headache: Australia’s government has joined the US in effectively banning its wireless carriers from buying gear for 5G networks from Huawei and ZTE. The decision is more than spillover from the US-China … Read...
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    World Investors to get their say after Musk scuttles Tesla buyout – Reuters

    (Reuters) – Investors on Monday will render their verdict on Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk’s decision to abandon a proposed $72 billion buyout to take the luxury electric car maker private. .. Read more via Reuters – Get more World News
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    World ‘He’s a decent family man’: Watch the moment John McCain defended Barack Obama on 2008 campaign trail – Yahoo News

    "He’s a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues," McCain said when a constituent appeared to question Obama’s citizenship.... Read more via Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines – Get more World News
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    World Dude Who Tried to Shake Down Mark Zuckerberg Caught in Ecuador After Three Years on the Run – Gizmodo

    A few years ago, a man named Paul Ceglia filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that the two signed a software development contract in 2003 with provisions conveniently giving Ceglia retroactive co-ownership of … Read more via Gizmodo –...
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    World Tesla’s Semi truck is traveling cross-country ‘alone’ – Engadget

    Tesla Tesla’s Semi truck has already made some city-to-city trips, but how does it fare on cross-country jaunts — you know, what it’ll be doing when it enters service? Just fine, if you ask Elon Musk. In response to an Electrek piece on the Semi’s latest visit (to Arkansas … Read more via...
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    World India’s Biometric Database Is Creating A Perfect Surveillance State — And U.S. Tech Companies Are On Board – Slashdot

    Big U.S. technology companies are involved in the construction of one of the most intrusive citizen surveillance programs in history, HuffingtonPost notes in a new report. From the story: For the past nine years, India has been building the world’s biggest biometric database by collecting the...
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    World Mercedes teases production electric SUV ahead of September 4th reveal – Engadget

    Daimler Mercedes is nearly done with showing off concepts and prototypes for the EQC. The automaker has teased the production version of the electric SUV in a video that promises a full reveal at its September 4th event in Stockholm. While it’s only the briefest peek, the clip makes … Read...
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    World China announces transportation industry reform, days after murder of Didi carpooling passenger – TechCrunch

    The Chinese government announced it will reform the transportation industry to safeguard passengers, three days after a female passenger was allegedly raped and murdered by a Didi Chuxing driver last Friday. Provinces and autonomous regions are now tasked with setting up passenger safety...
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    World Neil Simon, Preeminent And Prolific Playwright And Screenwriter, Has Died At 91 – NPR News

    Neil Simon, the enormously productive comic playwright who often adapted his work into screenplays, died on early Sunday morning. He was 91. The cause of death was complications from pneumonia, according to Bill Evans, his longtime friend and publicist. ... Read more via NPR News –...
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    Metro S.African farmers ‘furious’ over Trump land reform tweet – The Independent Uganda

    South African farmers have demanded Donald Trump “leave us the hell alone” after the US president criticised the country’s land reform plans, accusing him of trying to deflect attention from his own scandals. “The people were furious about … Read more via The Independent Uganda: –...
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    World War Vets Slam Mugabe for Sending Daughter Bona to Inauguration – AllAfrica News

    WAR veterans have dismissed former President Robert Mugabe’s half-hearted congratulatory message to newly inaugurated President Emmerson Mnangagwa, slamming the former state leader for sending his “innocent” daughter to take his place at the Sunday event. In an interview with
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    World By planning his funeral rites to exclude Trump, McCain will be making an unmistakable posthumous statement – CNN

    Days of mourning for the Arizona senator, including a lying-in-state in the Capitol Rotunda and the pomp of a service in Washington’s National Cathedral, are certain to become about more than simply honoring a singular political leader and national hero. In Washington, even death is...
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    World Politics: North Korea’s state newspaper claims the US is secretly plotting to ‘unleash a war’ while continuing to negotiate - Pulse Ng

    Sunday's Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the official mouthpiece of the ruling Worker's Party of Korea, called out what it claims were US military movements in the region as practice for a potential invasion of Pyongyang. North Korean state media has accused the US … Read more via –...
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    World One Suspect Dead After Mass Shooting In Florida – Channels Television

    Several people have been killed in a mass shooting at a video game tournament in the northern Florida city of Jacksonville, local police said Sunday, adding that one suspect was dead. “Multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s...
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    World Kofi Annan To Be Buried In Ghana, September 13 – Channels Television

    Former United Nations Secretary-General and Noble prize laureate Kofi Annan will be buried in his home country Ghana on Sept 13, the West African nation’s president said on Friday. Nana Akufo-Addo told a delegation of ... Read more via Channels Television – Get more...