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    Metro Ese Oruru: Court Sentences Dahiru To 26 Years In Prison – Channels Television Nigeria News

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    Metro Ese Oruru - They're Still Holding Our Daughter in Police Custody - Parents Cry Out

    The Parents of 14-year old Ese Oruru, who was abducted, married off, raped and impregnated has cried out over her continuous detention in Police Protective Custody. THE NATION reports that her parents said they were no longer comfortable with their daughter’s continuous stay in police...
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    Metro Ese Oruru: Yinusa Names Child 'Fatima' From Prison

    Yinusa Dahiru, the man who allegedly abducted, raped and impregnated 14-year-old Ese Oruru, has named the baby girl from prison. The father named the baby Fatima. In Arabic the meaning of the name Fatima is: Captivating. Ese delivered a baby girl on Thursday morning at the Government House...
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    Metro Ese Oruru Delivers Baby Girl in Bayelsa

    Ese Oruru, the rescued 14-year-old girl has delivered a baby girl on Thursday in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital. Ese was allegedly abducted in Bayelsa State last August and taken to Kano State where she was converted to lslam and married out without the consent of her parents. Upon her...
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    Metro Ese Oruru's Abductor, Yunusa Dahiru Granted Bail

    Yunusa Dahiru, the young man accused of abducting and sexually exploiting the 14-year-old Ese Oruru, has been granted bail by the Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, ThisDay live reports. Details later