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    Metro Zannah Mustapha: 7 Things About Lawyer Who Helped Secure Release Of Chibokgirls

    57-year-old lawyer from Borno state, Zannah Mustapha played a "key role" in the release of the first 21 Chibok girls and the 82 recent freed chibok schoolgirls . He was a major player on how the Nigerian Federal Government recently secured, through a swap deal, the release of 82 of the abducted...
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    Metro Some Abducted Chibok Girls Refused To Leave Boko Haram - Negotiator

    Zannah Mustapha, a negotiator involved in the release of Chibok school girls from thee clutches of Boko Haram terrorists have that some of the abducted girls refused to be freed. “Some girls refused to return. I have never talked to one of the girls about their reasons,” Mustapha told...