Metro 10-Minute Ebola Test Kits And Why You Should Avoid Them


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Rapid Response Canada is another 'Ebola-influenced' device created to help people detect if they have the Ebola virus in a matter of minutes. The people is that this product is exactly like the bitter kola and salt baths earlier proposed.

They are fake Ebola medication.

Mr. Hakeem Bello, Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Media has taken the liberty to advise Nigerians to AVOID the Ebola test-kits. He said this in a statement revealing that Ebola test-kits were nothing but a fraud.

The statement also "...added that the product, which was called Rapid Response Canada, was nothing but a hoax to rip-off unsuspecting Nigerians of their earned money. Bello stated that the technique for the manufacture of such kit does not exist. He urged the members of the public not to patronise sellers of such dubious product.

The statement read, “The Lagos State Government on Tuesday alerted members of the public to the activities of some unscrupulous people who are purportedly marketing Ebola Test Kit. In a statement signed by the Special Adviser on Media to the Governor, Mr. Hakeem Bello, the fake items, which are branded as Rapid Response Canada with test results purportedly available in 10 minutes is a hoax.”

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