World 10 Most Visited Cities In The World In 2017



Euromonitor International has been publishing the list of Top cities/ destinations visited over the world in the last year.

The 2017 annual Top City Destinations Ranking, covered 100 of the world’s leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals.

Destinations Ranking 2017 Edition was unveiled at World Travel Market (WTM) London, in November, 2017

The top ten most visited cities in the world are:

1.Hong Kong: 26.6 million visitors

2.Bangkok: 21.2 million visitors

3.London: 19.2 million visitors

4.Singapore: 16.6 million visitors

5.Macau: 15.4 million visitors

6.Dubai: 14.9 million visitors

7.Paris: 14.4 million visitors

8.New York: 12.7 million visitors

9.Shenzhen: 12.6 million visitors

10 Kuala Lumpur: 12.3 million visitors

According to Euromonitor’s data, the number of tourists visiting Dubai has jumped by 11.2 per cent, from 14.9 million in 2016 to more than 16.5 million in 2017, making it a far more popular destination of choice for travellers compared to most cities on earth.


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