Metro 135 Terrorists Surrender to Nigerian Troops in Borno - DHQ


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The Nigerian Military Wednesday, has said a total f 135 Boko Haram terrorists have surrendered to troops in Biu Local Government in Borno State.

The DHQ's statement said about 88 terrorists surrendered at Mairiga/Bun-Yadi, and another 45 were rounded up around Mubi-Michika on Tuesday evening.

“Meanwhile, a total of 135 terrorists have yesterday evening surrendered along with equipment to troops around Biu Local Government Area. A group of 88 submitted themselves at Mairiga/Bun – Yadi while another group of 45 terrorists were taken in around Mubi – Michika,” the DHQ said.

It would be recalled that last week, terrorists surrendered to Nigerian troops - twice. The military has stated that the terrorists are being interrogated in line with global best practices.

The DHQ has lauded Nigerian troops who have remained unfazed and stoic in the face of terror. It also commended neighboring countries for their input in the war against terrorism.

The DHQ also advised Nigerians to remain on the alert for suspicious activity: “Everybody is required to remain alert to ensure that we are not taken unawares by terrorist elements who might want to carry-out isolated attacks in any part of our country,” it said.


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