Politics 2015: Buhari Declares For Presidency



Muhammadu Buhari, former military ruler of Nigeria on Tuesday declared his intention to contests for the office of the President using the All Progressives Congress, APC platform come 2015 elections.

Buhari made the unofficial declaration while addressing volunteers and representatives of the Buhari Support Groups, in Abuja.

Addressing supporters, Buhari said, "With your support, I intend to offer myself for the position of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of our great party. I intend to make a formal announcement soon and I hope I can count on your continued support and sacrifice".

"Today, we are in the 15th year of purposeless leadership by the PDP and all we have seen is unprecedented deterioration in the security and law and order situation, astronomical rise in the incidence and intensity of corruption and the failure of governance.

"And as we reach this last lap of the journey, I would like to request that we concentrate all effort and energy towards realizing and achieving change in how this country is run.

"Indeed, except for the call of patriotism, public-spiritedness and an abiding love for the people of this country, nothing will today make any honest, honourable and sane politician want to be saddled with Nigeria with an economy in trouble and a society in even deeper trouble-with perilous security situation, with its extensive and almost unmanageable corruption and with its pervasive lawlessness.

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