Politics 2015: Tambuwal Says He's Still Consulting on Future Political Ambition



Aminu Tambuwal, speaker of the House of Representatives, says he's still consulting on his 2015 political ambitions and will issue a public statement at the right time.

LEADERSHIP reported that speaking in Sokoto on Sunday, Tambuwal said, I am still consulting my primary constituency on these crucial matters which affect me, Sokoto State and Nigeria generally. I will come back and engage my people. All politics is local and I will make my final stand on these topical issues known to Nigerians at the most appropriate time".

The Speaker however was not specific on what in particular he was consulting on. In Media circles, there is a general belief that Tambuwal will defect to the All Progressives Congress, APC and vie for presidency come 2015. What do you think Tambuwal is consulting on?

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