Acquiring a car is serious investment and definitely we want our cars to keep running for as long as possible. Sometimes, our own little actions are our car's worst enemies. Which of the following are you guilty of? :)

1. Revving The Engine Before It Is Warm


Allowing your car to sit for some minutes after they start is not a bad idea. This allows oil to spread throughout the engine, getting the oil and block to work at the right temperature. Revving the motor will not speed up the process.

2. Keeping The Fuel Tank Low


You should know that filling up a little extra fuel could help in preventing a damage to your car’s fuel system. Sediments from fuel settle at the bottom of every fuel tank. When your fuel level runs low, you force your car to use the dirtiest full in its tank, which is going to cost you at the long run.

3. Ignoring The Parking Brake


Your parking brake should be used at all times, no matter how level surface your vehicle has been parked. Not using the parking brake puts the whole weight of your car on a very little piece of metal in the transmission named the parking pawl. It's only about as big as your finger, so it can exhaust or break eventually from holding all that mass. This is avoided when the parking brake is used, with the load evenly distributed.

4. Carrying Too Much Luggage


The heavier a car is, the more pressure it places on suspension, the brakes and the more fuel it consumes. Do whatever you can to keep your car as light as possible. Make sure what you have in your car are the necessary stuff you need. The rest can be kept somewhere.
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