Sponsored 4 Important Ways To Stay Calm At Work




Each of us experiences negative emotions at work. Stress, panic, fear, discontent - unfortunately, all this is perfectly familiar to all of us. An overabundance of negative stuff is a direct way to professional burnout. In this article, we will give you practical advice on how to cope with stressful situations at work. And if you are currently looking for a new job, visit Jiji! Here you will definitely find your dream job - https://jiji.ng/jobs !

Good habits
You need to change those working habits that harm you. For example, if you worked in constant chaos, develop your time management skills. If you do not manage to cope with your tasks - discuss your workload with the manager and learn to say "no" to other people's requests. Pay attention to switching and relaxation at work. To do this, start regulating your own workload: plan small breaks for rest during the day. Your brain will still take a break regardless of your desire, so do not resist that.

Emotional "training"
Try to learn how to manage your own emotions. Firstly, start to notice and identify those emotions that you experience in specific situations. This way you will understand why they arise at one time or another (for example, this is a defensive reaction) and how they can be lived. Also, such an analysis will allow you to learn to distinguish when you are simply ruminating, and when you are trying to solve the problem in your head.

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Breathing, “calculator” and “grounding”
In order to calm down in stressful situations, the psychologists advise you to practice anti-stress breathing: sit comfortably and concentrate on your inspirations-exhalations for 2-3 minutes. Or, for example, start looking at everything around you, mentally pronouncing the names of objects. Also for relaxation, you can apply the so-called grounding technique. Its essence is very simple: you should literally feel the ground under your feet. Just feel your feet, focusing on these sensations.

And the last method against stress is the “calculation of life”. Take a piece of paper, a pen and start to describe in detail the most enjoyable moments in your life. Then count how many of those happened last week/month/year. Thanks to all this you will relax, and also realize that not everything is bad in your life.

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In addition to work, there must be another occupation in your life that will really entice and excite you. So if you do not have a hobby - find it. Successes in a favorite and pleasant occupation will inspire you, and help you not to focus on negative thoughts.

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