World 5 Things Donald Trump May Discuss With President Buhari Today



According to reports, US President Donald Trump will today speak to President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa. Here are likely things the two leaders may discuss, as compiled by Nigerian Bulletin.

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1. Boko Haram:
The several attacks by Boko Haram terrorists in North East Nigeria may also constitute what the conversation will be about. US President will want to know what the efforts of the government have been, and how the US can be of help to curb violence. Recall that President Trump in his inaugural speech said his Presidency will eradicate Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.

2. IPOB: The Indigenous People of Biafra have staged several protests both in Nigeria, and the United States, calling for the intervention of US President Trump to secure release of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention for treasonable felony. This could make up what the two leaders will discuss.

3. Nigeria-US Relations: The bilateral relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United States of America are very strong. They have long been close allies. The United States is Nigeria's greatest trading partner and is undeniably its most important diplomatic partner.

4. Chibok Girls: At a news conference in Abuja in June 2014, a United States Congressional Delegation consisting of Steve Stockman, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Frederica Wilson and Lois Frankel indicated that US troops were ready to assist in the search for the missing girls of the Chibok schoolgirl kidnapping. An interdisciplinary US team was also sent to assist the Nigerian military. Donald Trump may be ready to support Nigerian army in negotiating or finding an approriate way on getting the remaining girls out of Boko Haram terrorists captive.

5. Nigerian Economy:
Nigerian economy is currently in recession, and with dwindling oil prices. How the Economy has fared, and the measures so far by the Nigerian government may make up the call.
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US will surely do. But who will receive the call? Buhari on leave or Acting President, Osinbajo. :)