Metro 6 Important Things Nigerians Should Know About FG's Plan to Sack 3,500 Workers



The Federal Character Commission recently made a list of 3,500 government workers who are about to be let go, despite the current recession and economic hardship.

Here's what Nigerians need to know about the planned mass retrenchment. This is quite hypocritical since FG has made several calls on the private sector not to sack their workers.

  1. The South bears the brunt. More than 60% of those to be sacked coming form the South
  2. The South-East, followed by the South-West were the worst hit regions with the North Central being the Northern region with the highest casualties.
  3. Almost all ministries were affected by the sacking exercise.
  4. The Ministry of Communication has the least number of staff to be sacked (66) while the Ministries of Education (809) has the highest number to be sacked.
  5. Reasons given for the sack were “irregular appointments," that are "not backed by approved declared vacancies, in which case, government does not have the financial provision for them.”, fake appointment letters or that “the offers were not accepted within the stipulated two months.”
  6. The exercise is ongoing and more workers could lose their jobs as time goes on.
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