6 Tips on How to Find and Win International Scholarships


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International scholarships can help reduce money concerns involved with traveling to learn in another country and paying for room and board. The scholarships can be the pathway to a new experience in your studies. For the most part, international scholarships can be found in the same manner as regular scholarships.

1. Contact the international student adviser at the foreign college you have been accepted to. Ask for information on international scholarships and other possible financial aid.

2. Look up specific scholarships at an educational department for the country where you are planning to go to school. For example, if you are applying for a scholarship in India, you would look up Indias Department of Higher Education website, specializing in managing education for universities in the country. These websites generally contain information about international scholarships.

3. Use an online search engine to look for international scholarships. Be specific in choosing your keywords. For example, if you wanted to search for MBA scholarships for British students in Ireland on Google, you would simply place ‘MBA Scholarships for British students in Ireland’ in the search bar, along with the scholarship’s deadline.

4. Visit international donor and embassy websites to find out about the international scholarships they give students. Some of these sites have scholarship databases permitting students to find international scholarships offered by scholarship providers

5. Stay connected to Scholarship website like to get first hand information on all scholarships for Nigerians plus tips of this nature to keep you updated.

6. Finally, Join a Facebook community of scholarship students and students interested in scholarships.

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