Business 76% of Goods Sold at Shoprite Nigeria are Made Locally - THE NATION



According to a report from The Nation, 99.5 percent of the Shoprite supermarket chain’s 230 employees are Nigerians and 76 percent of all products sold are procured locally.

Shoprite arrived in Nigeria in 2005 and has developed relationships with approximately 300 leading Nigerian suppliers and small businesses.

“It is one thing to farm vegetables, but having the right channels in place to reach consumers is equally important,” commented Dr Folashade Disu, CEO of Batfol Farms in Lagos.

“This is where Shoprite plays a major role. As the supermarket chain has been increasing its footprint in Nigeria, so too Batfol Farms have been growing its capacity in order to continue meeting the demand for our produce.”

Mr Samuel Adedeji, Supervisor for feed millsat Fresh Country Chicken in Kwara, echoes these sentiments.

“Thanks to unprecedented growth levels since becoming a Shoprite supplier, Fresh Country Chicken started an outgrower programme. Local community farmers are supplied with seed, maize fertilisers and herbicides, Fresh Country Chicken then buys back the maize at market rates after input deductions," he said.


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