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Johannesburg, 3 June 2014 – The Vaal University of Technology’s (VUT) Head of Department for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Mr Ike Sikakana says NDT is a qualification with a great future. It is the only course of this nature provided in Africa with comparative qualifications found in the UK, the USA, India, Malaysia and Ukraine.

Non-destructive testing relates to the testing of materials for flaws without harming the materials under test, providing a cost-effective means of inspection while protecting the material’s usability. VUT Non-destructive testing program provides tremendous opportunities in gaining knowledge about material safety and quality inspection.

Offered since the 1970s , it has recently been refreshed into a diploma with more than 200 students currently registered. The three-year national diploma course consists of two years of course work, followed by a year of work-integrated learning.

“This programme prepares our students for careers in testing and inspection in a wide range of industries which is in high demand. Applicable industries include aviation, construction, maintenance, industrial plants (nuclear, petroleum, Sasol, Eskom, steel and fabrication), railways, independent testing laboratories, electronics and arms”.

“Graduates have extensive career opportunities, ranging from technicians to engineers and research and development professionals”, remarked Mr Sikakana.

The coverage of multiple NDT methodologies is included in the diploma course. This includes visual testing (lenses, CCTV and fibre-optic cameras), liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, radiographic testing (X-rays and gamma-rays), ultrasonic testing and thermographic testing. The curriculum is highly dynamic.

The VUT NDT diploma, in-line with other University of Technologies (UoT) programmes, has an advisory board that meets at least once a year to deliberate on curriculum content and give feedback on how the industry experiences those students doing.

Further advice is also given on industry trends and new technologies. Some of the key external members of the advisory board are Dr Manfred Johannes (past president of SAINT and Chairperson of the organising committee for the WCNDT 2012 in Durban) and Mr Felix Chembe (former council member of SAINT and owner/ director of UlTRASPEC- NDT)


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