Politics Acting President Osinbajo: How I Will Tackle Corruption in Nigeria



Nigeria's Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has stated that he will finish corruption in Nigeria by employing the model he used to drive down corruption in Lagos State Judiciary to zero percent.

According to him, corruption in the Lagos State Judiciary dropped to zero percent following the sack of 22 corrupt magistrates and three judges, with a drastic improvement in welfare.

Prior to the reforms, he said he met an honest judge who retired after 10 years on the Bench but lived in someone’s boys quarters because he had no house.

A judge’s salary of N67,000 then could not build a house, he said. To reverse the trend, every judge was given a house for life, while their remuneration was increased “considerably”, to the extent that Lagos became a reference point.

“It was because a system was in place and impunity was not allowed. It is important that we put in place models that will work,” he said.

He added that the three arms of government must work together to put in place working systems that are fair and compliant with the rule of law.

He spoke during a talk-shop organized in Abuja by Office of the Vice-President in contribution to the national dialogue on corruption.


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