Politics Acting Taraba Governor Promised Suntai He Won't Run For Governor



Ambassador Emmanuel Njiwa, former secretary to the Taraba State Government (SSG) has disclosed that the Acting governor of Taraba, Garba Umar cannot join the 2015 governorship race because of a promise he made to ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai.

According to THIS DAY, Njiwa said, "I read Umar's comments and I almost shed tears because I was there on more than four occasions when Umar told the governor that he only came to serve and finish the tenure with Suntai and not to run".

"He was practically on his knees thanking Governor Suntai for the opportunity given to him. You know, he didn't even know he would be deputy governor in his life. The highest appointment he held before in the state was that of a board member of the Muslim Pilgrim Board. And he is not a resident of the state as he was born, raised and he lived all his life outside the state. But we needed to replace Sani Abubakar who we impeached. So I suggested to the governor that we should pick the replacement from the Wurkum people. That's what we did. So when he came in, Umar was really filled with gratitude. There are talks that he was really having a serious financial crisis."

"Governor Suntai told him that he brought him in giving his age, because he was 68 at the time, he would not be too ambitious. The governor told him he has plans to ensure that power shifts to Southern Taraba. Umar said he had no problem with the issue seeing that he didn't even know he would get to that point in his life. Umar then dedicated himself to the issues and said he would work with Suntai to actualise all his dreams. Then the plane crash occurred and see what is now happening. If Suntai were here, would Umar be saying he would run?"

"I can now say that the greatest mistake we made in Taraba is having Umar. He came and balkanised our state. He has now divided Taraba along fault lines."

"As soon as the governor had the crash, Umar came to me with a proposal of becoming his deputy. I rejected the offer. He then came again with the idea of me doing a memo that would kickstart the process of impeaching Suntai on incapacitation grounds. I also refused to do that. By law, it is my office that would do a memo to the Executive Council mandating the members to direct the state House of Assembly to constitute a medical panel. Umar wanted to desperately do that so that he would then get a report declaring Suntai incapacitated."

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Why are you speaking for the Acting Governor? Has he no mouth or mind to decide his Political Career and speake out for himself? Or are you making pee-emptying strikes to continue your current selfish gains? Is Nigerian Constitution silent on how to deal with Incapacitated Political Holder? Or is the Acting Governor INCAPABLE or INCOMPETENT to assume FULL CAPACITY?
Very soon the DOCTRINE OF NECESSITY employed on GEJ/Yar'adua will catch up with you in Taraba!!!