Airtel Nigeria: How To Subscribe For The Airtel Unlimited Data Plan



Airtel Nigeria, one of the telecommunication networks in the country, has launched its much publicized unlimited data packages. The telecom company teased her subscribers with the unlimited plans sometime ago but have now made it fully available.

The Unlimited package comes in 3 different packages, meaning you can choose anyone that best suit you.

Airtel Unlimited Packages

You can dial *141# and follow prompt or alternately use the below codes;

➽ N10,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days.

➽ N15,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days .

➽ N20,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days .

How To Activate It

➽ For N10,000 Unlimited Packages, dial *471#

➽ For N15,000 Unlimited Packages , dial *463#

➽ For N20,000 Unlimited Packages , dial *351#

Good luck!!


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Samuel Arua

New Member
By my calculation, 10k is equal to 30GB using Airtel special offer package for [email protected] and 30GB will be rarely exhausted within a month. I know also that there are terms and conditions. They should make it 5k.