Metro Anti Buhari Lawyer, Tunde Gbadamosi Arrested by DSS



According to Human Rights lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Mr. Tunde Gbadamosi one of the most vocal critics of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has been arrested by the DSS and whisked away to an unknown location.

“Those who arrested him have so far not disclosed their identities or their ultimate destination,” he said according to Daily Post, adding that family members of the lawyer were not allowed to see him.

“It is disheartening now that the DSS has become like a Gestapo organisation, now being deploy by the State to harass citizens and opponents of government.

“Accordingly, we will hold the government responsible for the welfare and state of health of Mr. Gbadamosi whilst he is in the custody of the DSS”.


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