Politics APC is an Expired Drug,you will Die if you Take it -Edwin Clark



Chief Edwin Clark, Ijaw chieftain and close ally to Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan during a recent interview with The Sunb described the All Progressives Congress, APC as an expired drug.

When asked if he was not afraid that the rampaging APC will send Peoples Democratic Party, PDP packing at the centre?, Clark said, "Which APC? APC is an expired drug, which if you take you will die. They cannot come together. They are suspecting one another. I told my friend, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar that he should not go to APC that his former boss, Obasanjo, will not allow him to become president of this country because the five governors who have joined them are Obasanjo’s boys and will never allow Atiku to come forward.

"Now, what are we hearing, Tom Ikimi from South South, Sylvia Timipre and Sam Jaja. Jaja was deputy in PDP, now being considered to be head of APC, how do you see that? APC will not rise. I know people like Okorocha are tired already and he doesn’t know what to do and that is why he is still there with them. I am appealing to the PDP in Imo and at the centre that if Okorocha wants to come back they should take him.

"APC cannot stand, most of them are disgruntled and don’t know what to do. Everybody believed that when the five governors left that PDP would collapse, but PDP is growing stronger and for shame they cannot come back and nobody would want them because they have gone to a place where they are like fishes out of water. They say they are the leaders there but what we have gained since these five governors left for APC is very great.

"Do you still hear of 37 PDP members in the House of Representatives, who said they would declare for APC? Let them go and contest for an election they will loose their seats that is why they kept quite now.

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Source: #TheSun

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Thank you for your advice sir, we know what we want now. #saynotoallgodfathers or people that see themselves as demigods.