Politics Are these the Snipers at work? -El-Rufia Reacts to Attempt to Assassinate Buhari



Former FCT Minister and APC Chieftain, Mallam Nasir El-Rufia has reacted to Kaduna bomb blast which was said to be an assassination attempt targeted at former Military President, Muhammadu Buhari.

See Facebook post below:

el rant.png

#Buhari #El-Rufia #Kaduna
El Rufai believes he is dealing with simpletons and he is probably justified.

In any other country in the world he will be questioned over such a statement. But he will not be questioned as the social media revolutionaires will be up with hashtags.

In addition any nigerian or nigerian leader should condem this statement.

Do not be lead by these men from all sides. This was a serious incident that could have taken the country down but the small man with a big ego thinks this is the way to respond.