World Atheist Traveling By Air Burst Into Prayers When Plane Engine Caught Fire



A Russian An-148 passenger plane was forced into an emergency landing after one of its engines began blowing out a trail of fire which was captured on video by one of the passengers.

“The crew took all necessary actions demanded by the situation, and made a successful landing at the airport of departure,”
said a statement from flight operator, Angara.

Passengers aboard were told there was an “emergency situation,” and as the passengers looked out their windows it became obvious what it was, though the video suggests there was mostly consternation and no panic or screaming among the passengers.

“I thought I was an atheist, and then I just started praying,” one passenger told the Siberian Times.

After returning to the airport, all boarded a replacement plane. The affected aircraft was taken for servicing and an investigation is underway.


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