Politics Atiku made it!!! Ben Bruce mocks Buhari for not making 2018 Google most searched people’s list – INFORMATION NIGERIA

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar emerged as one of the most searched people in Nigeria on Google in 2018.

The former VP, who is also the 2019 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), made the list with Alexis Sanchez coming first, Meghan Markel, Stan Lee, Philippe Coutinho, …

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Tighten your belts more!
The poor again were told
Economy very, very bad be
The poor again were told

But why our leaders here—
Wealth of the land amass?
Economy bad only to the poor?
As tighten belts not for leaders

The 1984 saw us badly with—
Slogan of tighten your belts
Economy, economy bad, bad
While military in $billion amass

When shall our belts—
From our slimming waists loose
Our bellies in hunger` prisons be
As from dust bin to dust bin we scratch

Tighten your belts
Oh greatest deception be
A ploy to the poor usurp
A ploy to the poor usurp

Nigeria, oh Nigeria why?
How long shall we wait at—
Fallow, wild wilderness of poverty
While our leaders ravish in garnished tables