Politics Atiku's Political Past and Present: Can He Get It Right This Time?


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Atiku had lived an interesting life. His political career began after he retired from the Nigeria Customs Service to become an active politician during the Babangida regime.

A few days ago, Atiku declared his intent to run for presidency again under the APC platform. The question everyone must ask is,
can he get it right this time?

#LEADERSHIP gives this feature:

"[But] his media team would not accept that Atiku lost the 2011 presidential primaries to Jonathan. According to his spokesman, Garba Shehu, the 2011 PDP presidential primaries were everything but free and fair.

“The PDP didn’t give him a fair chance. Don’t forget that many PDP governors locked him out of their states. He was barred from states such as Ebonyi, Bayelsa and Gombe. Many others locked their delegates from him. He was not allowed to canvass his candidacy with delegates.

“When he protested that his agents were not allowed to see sample ballot papers and that many of them were barred from the venue, the PDP leadership ignored him and went ahead to confer victory on Dr Jonathan, their anointed. Live on TV, Nigerians saw governors seizing ballot papers and filling them out on behalf of delegates from their own states. Yet, in spite of these obstacles, Turaki walked away with about a third of the total votes. The PDP primary in 2011 was transparently rigged”, Garba Shehu said

Could Atiku get it right this time around? The answer is not as straightforward as the question. There are some obstacles that are standing between him and his ambition. But Atiku too, is a team player and a political strategist who sees the obstacles as stepping stones to the presidency."

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